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Entrepreneurs elect own representative in parliament

Oles Dovhyy unveils plans.

MP Oles Dovhyy, who is a member of Economic Affairs Committee, will represent the interests of industrialists, entrepreneurs and employers in the parliament, the congress of the Union announced on 10 November.

The candidacy of Dovhyy has also been supported by the Federation of Employers of Ukraine.

The lawmaker told reporters that the office of the business representative will open in the near future.

"This office will serve as communication channel between the businesses and the legislature. Its main purpose is to encourage reforms in Ukraine This organization will have a powerful analytical center for the collection and processing of information and an Internet platform for discussion of the most relevant initiatives, public reception," Dovhyy said.

"It got to be something more than a window to receive complaints. First and foremost, every entrepreneur will have an opportunity to personally take part in the development of laws."

The decision to create the office of representatives of industrialists, entrepreneurs and employers was adopted on October 28 during a meeting of the Anti-Crisis Council of public organizations, which approved a draft anti-crisis program of joint actions of government and business.

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