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Prosecutors suspect head of Accounting Chamber of fraud

Roman Mahuta is probed for abetting fraudulent privatization of apartments in Kyiv.

Prosecutors suspect head of Accounting Chamber of fraud
​Roman Mahuta
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Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko has signed a suspicion of the unlawful privatization of an apartment against Head of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine Roman Mahuta.

The PGO said on Facebook that the criminal case was opened on abuse of office charges.

"A member of the Accounting Chamber owning a privatized apartment in Kyiv asked the head of the Accounting Chamber to give her employer-rented housing downtown Kyiv. The bill envisages the provision of housing, but not its privatization," the spokeswoman for the general prosecutor, Larysa Sarhan said on Facebook.

In December 2013 the Accounting Chamber bought apartments for its staff, including a two-room apartment worth 1.39m hryvnya in Kyiv. One apartment was privatized and given to a member of the Accounting Chamber.

Mahuta has headed the Accounting Chamber since 2012.

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