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Health, infrastructure ministers reject nominees for state secretary

The infrastructure minister says he may resign over this.

Health, infrastructure ministers reject nominees for state secretary

Acting Healh Minister Ulyana Suprun and Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan have criticized the system for the selection of state secretaries.

The current system brings incompetent people, who are not capable of carrying out reforms, to ministries, they said at a briefing on 5 December.

"We have built a team of young professionals working at improving the system. We would like to work with a state secretary who supports these changes, who will work professionally in our ministry while we are here and will continue this work when we are not here. However, current applicants do not fully meet these demands," Suprun said.

She suggested that the state should change the rules for the selection of state secretaries.

Omelyan shares her opinion.

"Omelyan's or Mrs Suprun's personal preferences are not the point, but the values and principles are. There is an attempt of revanche," he said.

He added that he was not going to work with the state secretary who was suggested to him.

"I'm not clutching at any posts and only work for the state when I can be effective. Therefore one of us will not work in this ministry," he said.

The selection commission earlier picked Andriy Halushchak as state secretary of the Infrastructure Ministry, Oleksiy Perevezentsev for the Economic Ministry, Rostyslav Karandeyev for the Culture Ministry, Artem Bidenko for the Information Policy Ministry, Oleksiy Takhtay for the Interior Ministry, and Maksym Nemchynov for the Energy and Coal Industry Ministry. 

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