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Experts to discuss results of 2016 for Ukraine and EU

Will Ukraine lose European allies?

Experts to discuss results of 2016 for Ukraine and EU

On 9 December, Friday, at 11:00, Gorshenin Institute will host a round table discussion "2017: the end of united Europe?"

The organizer of the round table - Gorshenin Institute

Questions for discussion:

  1. The results of 2016 for Europe and Ukraine: the referendum in the Netherlands, Brexit, the issue of visa-free travel for Ukraine ;
  1. The results of the referendum in Italy and presidential elections in Austria as harbingers of the future of Europe.
  1. How elections in the EU countries and theUnited Kingdom's withdrawal fromthe European Union will change the political landscape in the EU?
  1. The path of Europe: a return to the conservative values or "new fascism"?
  1. The change of European values: implications for Ukraine.
  1. Will Ukraine lose European allies? How this will affect the conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation?

Participants of the round table:

  • Markiyan Lubkivskyy, diplomat, social activist;
  • Serhiy Datsyuk, philosopher, writer;
  • Taras Kachka, an expert in international affairs;
  • Oleksiy Leshchenko, the Vice-President of Gorshenin Institute.

Moderator of the round table: Ihor Solovey, editor of World desk,

Contacts for media accreditation: (044) 230 49 62

Make sure to mention Gorshenin Institute as the debate organizer in media coverage.

The address of Gorshenin Institute: Kyiv, 18b Mala Zhytomyrska (entrance through the arch from Mikhailivskyy lane).

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