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AMCU mulls recovering Gazprom fine abroad

Seizing transit gas is out of question.

AMCU mulls recovering Gazprom fine abroad
Photo: Photo: EPA / UPG

The Antimonopoly Committee does not rule out that it may have resort to recovering the 172 billion hryvnia in fine and penalty, slammed on Gazprom, abroad.

"If the Court of Appeal upholds the ruling of the Economic Court of Kyiv, and Gazprom does not pay the fine and penalty voluntarily, the Committee will be forced to ask the State Executive Service, which carries out the enforcement of judgments in the territory of Ukraine, to enforce the ruling. In addition, the Committee is considering other options, including the enforcement of its decision abroad," the AMCU said in a release on 15 December.

The AMCU stresses that it will not lay claims on gas that Russia supplies via Ukraine to European consumers.

On 5 December, the Economic Court of Kyiv in an AMCU suit ruled on the enforced recovery of almost 172bn hryvnia from the Russian company Gazprom. The amount includes 85.966bn hryvnia fine for the abuse of dominant position in the market of natural gas transit through the Ukrainian gas transport system, and 85.966bn hryvnia in penalties for late payment of the fine (the deadline for the AMCU decision ended on May 4, 2016).

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