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Economy Ministry says seeking to demonopolize business

"One of Ukraine's biggest problems is a low level of competition."

The first Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Trade Maxym Nefyodov said that the goal of his ministry is to maximally demonopolize Ukrainian markets.

"A lot of people think that economy grows on its own as long as there is will and investment. In fact, one of the big problems of Ukraine is the low level of competition across all sectors, which leads to de facto monopolization or substantial distortion of competition, creation of real or artificial barriers on the entry into markets," the deputy minister told a round table conference at Gorshenin Institute on 12 April.

As an example of such a monopoly he cited the former situation in Ukrtelecom and the connection of a telephone number

"Back in the middle of the "zero" years it a very big problem. But then came private players, CDMA operators, and suddenly it turned out that connecting of a phone is just an infrastructural thing," he said

But such monopolies still exist in many industries, Nefyodov stressed.

He said the Ministry of Economy is trying to pursue a consistent policy by simplify access to the market and increase competition in all areas.

"We want to achieve a situation where any businessman in any field can do this easily. He will not be demanded to submit excessive number of permits and documents, he will not face barriers that need to be artificially regulated," Nefyodov stressed.

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