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Sonya Koshkina talks to chief of Public TV

Watch the Left Bank talk show on April 11 at 21:00 on the Channel 24.

Sonya Koshkina talks to chief of Public TV

On April 10, the Supervisory Board appointed Zurab Alasania the head of the National Public Television Company of Ukraine (NOTU). An analogue of the BBC or Deutsche Welle is meant to become Ukraine's main information channel, independent from the state and politicians.

Alasania has recently resigned from the NTCU, on the basis of which the NOTU was founded, protesting against financing woes and the sabotage of reforms. About what the public television should be, the aspects of its activities and the obstacles on the path to truly independent – first and foremost from politics – broadcasting, and many other things, Zurab Alasania will talk on 11 April at 22:00 on the TV Channel-24 on the program Left Bank with Sonya Koshkina.

After the program, do not miss the traditional Post Scriptum with Sonya Koshkina.

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