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Six hurt as trains collide in Khmelnytskyy Region

Half of them are children.

Six hurt as trains collide in Khmelnytskyy Region

A freight train and a passenger train have collided at the Nihyn station in Kamyanets-Podilskyy District of Khmelnytskyy Region. Six people, including three children, were injured. Limestone was being loaded onto the freight train when the passenger train from Kyiv to Kamyanets-Podilskyy hit it, the police press service said.

A total of 104 school children on a sightseeing tour were onboard.

According to Ukrzaliznytsya railway company chief Wojciech Balczun, the locomotive and the first car of passenger train No 139 went off the rail.

According to the State Emergencies Service, the 15-car passenger train hit the 17-car freight train with gravel.

"As a result of the collision, the locomotive and freight cars with gravel tipped over and the locomotive and a car of the passenger train went off the rail. The passenger train had 541 people onboard. As a result of the emergency, six people were hurt, including four children (light injuries, bruises and scratches)," it said.

The injured passenger were removed from the damaged car and received medical aid.

Other passengers were transported by buses to the destination point.

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