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Justice Ministry upbeat about Supreme Court job contest

"The job contest procedure is unprecedented in itself."

Justice Ministry upbeat about Supreme Court job contest
Serhiy Petukhov
Photo: Photo: Max Trebukhov

The Ministry of Justice does not believe that the Supreme Qualification Commission of Judges (VKSCU) failed the job contest in the Supreme Court,

Deputy Minister for European Integration, Serhiy Petukhov, told a joint round table conference of Gorshenin Institute and the Reanimation Package of Reforms think tank.

The job contest procedure is unprecedented in itself, Petukhov said.

"It does not exist in other states, so the VKSCU had to break new ground and in a very short time, too. They should be thanked for it and given due. To organize this large-scale process, develop the methodology and tests, and simply organize the processing of so many documents of candidates is a very complex process."

"Obviously, there should be public confidence in the process, so the role of the Public Integrity Board is crucial. VKSCU cannot ignore its resolutions. Meanwhile, VKSCU should demonstrate maximum transparency about selection and publish its conclusions and the list of candidates. This will only contribute to the credibility of the new Supreme Court," he said.

"There is still no reason to speak about the failure of this process. The final binding decisions are taken by the Supreme Qualification Commission in full, which is a guarantee of the independence of the decision and its objectivity considering the number of its members and the fact that they have been nominated by different political forces," Petukhov summed up.

In the Supreme Court job contest, 27 candidates dropped out after the interview, while the future of another 115 candidates, who have received the disapproval by the Public Council of Integrity, will be considered at plenary sessions.

239 candidates have passed the interview.

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