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EU increased quotas on some agricultural exports from Ukraine

Restrictions on duty-free supply of wheat left in place.

EU increased quotas on some agricultural exports from Ukraine
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The European Parliament on Thursday, 1 June supported the proposal of the European Commission to increase tariff quotas for honey, corn, barley, oats, cereals and processed grains, and grape juice from Ukraine.

"By granting additional temporary trade preferences, the European Parliament wants to support the ongoing reforms, strengthen small and medium enterprises and provide the necessary impetus for increased trade flows. I hope that these measures will boost our relationship and effectively help Ukraine”, rapporteur Jaroslaw Walesa (EPP, PL) said.

According to the website of the European Parliament, MEPs rejected the proposal of the European Commission to raise quotas for Ukrainian wheat, tomatoes and urea.

The quotas for duty-free supply of Ukrainian corn will be increased from 400 thousand tons to 1050 thousand tons, barley - from 250 thousand tons to 600 thousand tons, oats - from 4 thousand tons to 8 thousand tons, honey - from 5 thousand tons up to 8 thousand tons.

The quotas for the supply of cereals and processed grain were increased by 7.8 thousand tons, for grape juice - by 500 tons.

The European Commission proposed to increase quotas for wheat by 100 thousand tons, but the European deputies decided to leave the restrictions at the level of 950 thousand tons.

The EU is Ukraine's largest trading partner, while Ukraine occupies only 0.8% of the EU's trade market.

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