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Ukraine to step up military presence in Bessarabia

Defence Minister Poltorak will visit Odesa on Friday.

Ukraine to step up military presence in Bessarabia
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Ukrainian Minister of Defence Stepan Poltorak tomorrow will decide on strengthening the presence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Bessarabia.

"We plan to strengthen our troops in Bessarabia, because there is a situation that requires the presence of our troops." Poltorak told reporters on 21 June.

The minister said he will be on working trip in Odesa on Thursday.

"I will get acquainted with the situation tomorrow and take a decision," Poltorak said.

Ukraine is increasing its presence in the Danube and Bessarabia region in order to prevent the attempts to destabilize the situation.

On 10 June, Ukraine deployed an additional unit of the National Guard in Izmail.

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