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PGO asks Rada to strip MPs of immunity

Radical Party member is charged of 1.8mn tax evasion.

The Prosecutor General's Office forwarded to the Verkhovna Rada a proposal for the removal of immunity from people's deputy Andriy Lozovyy (Radical Party). The press secretary of the Prosecutor General Larysa Sarhan said Lozovyy is prosecuted under Article 212 of the Criminal Code for gross tax evasion (1.8mn hryvnia).


On 19 May, the PGO reported that a joint audit with SAP and NABU of electronic declarations revealed major inconsistencies in the tax paperwork of lawmakers Henadiy Bobov, Yevhen Deydey and Andriy Lozovyy.

In a week, the PGO recalled the citations on Lozovyy and Deydey "for finalization".

The PGO citation on Bobov was sent to the Verkhovna Rada, but withdrawn in three days after Bobov paid 37.9mn hryvnya in tax arrears.

Deydey is a member of the Popular Front faction. Lozovyy is Radical Party member. Bobov belongs to the deputy group Renaissance.

Update. Later in the day, chief prosecutor Lutsenko wrote that he has also asked the Rada to strip MP Oles Dovhyy (Will of the People), who is charged with abuse of power during the illegal allocation 10 land plots in the Zhukov Island reserve with a total area of 44.25 hectares.

On June 20, it was announced that the Prosecutor's Office seeks to remove the immunity of lawmakers Oles Dovhyy (Will of the People), Borys Rosenblat (BPP) and Maksym Polyakov (PF).

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