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Chief commando takes top ATO post

Zabrodskyy will replace Lt Gen Oleksandr Lokot

Chief commando takes top ATO post
Mykhailo Zabrodskyy

Mykhailo Zabrodskyy "Mykhailo Zabrodskyy, the commander of the landing-assault troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has been appointed new commander of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) forces as part of planned rotation, the spokesman of Ukraine's Defense Ministry on ATO issues, Col. Andriy Lysenko said on Tursday.

Lysenko added that the term of rotations is classified information and is not subject to disclosure.

The publication Novynarnya was the first to report on Zabrodskyy new appointment.

Zabrodskyy will replace Lt Gen Oleksandr Lokot, who is also first deputy commander of the Ground Forces of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Novynarnya linked Zabrodskyy's appointment with the fact that several airborne units, including the 25 Airborne and 79th Airborne Assault Brigades have been recently deployed on the contact line in the course of the rotation.

Mykhailo Zabrodskyy is a Hero of Ukraine. He is primarily known for a raid led by the 95th separate airmobile brigade in the rear of "DPR" and "LPR" groups in July and August 2014.

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