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Kyiv set to ban unvaccinated kids from schools

The announcement will be made in educational institutions in advance.

Kyiv set to ban unvaccinated kids from schools
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The commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergency situations of the Kyiv City Administration has voted to ban children not vaccinated against measles from attending schools and kindergartens, the administration has said on its website.

The statement does not specify when the ban is to enter into force.

"First of all, children shall be checked for having measles shots. Children who have not been vaccinated or do not have a corresponding certificate from a doctor will not be admitted to schools and preschool educational institutions of all forms of ownership. The announcement will be made in educational institutions in advance," said Kyiv deputy mayor Mykola Povoroznyk.

The move is aimed to reduce contacts between children during the incubation period and reduce the likelihood of the disease in children's groups. Povoroznyk stressed that the proposed policy is not a quarantine, but a preventive anti-epidemic measure.

He also encouraged parents to vaccinate their children. "Vaccination against measles can be done in all outpatient institutions of the capital that are fully provided with vaccines," said the city official.

"The executive authorities, enterprises, institutions, organizations and educational institutions will work on strengthening preventive measures. Heads of institutions have been advised on special maintenance regulations: compliance with the temperature regime, regular airing of premises and wet cleaning with the use of disinfectants. In addition, it is recommended to limit sports and cultural events," said Povoroznyk.

From 1 to 10 January, 61 Kyiv residents, including 49 children, went down with measles. Almost all the diseased have not been vaccinated.

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