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Experts, MPs to discuss transparency solutions for mining industries

Gorshenin Institute will host a roundtable, "How to ensure transparency in mining industries?", in partnership with Reanimation Package of Reforms and with information support from

The event will take place at the press centre of Gorshenin Institute (18b, Mala Zhytomyrska St, Kyiv) at 2.30 p.m. on 27 February.

On 1 March, parliament is scheduled to once again discuss bill No 6229 "On ensuring transparency in mining industries". Will bill No 6229 crack down on corruption in extraction, one of the main sources of money laundering? Will transparency regulations be mandatory for every company? Will the bill demand the disclosure of beneficiaries? Would the adoption of the bill make state management in mining industries more efficient and would it result in the higher production of gas, coal and uranium ore? What are the international standards of transparency and accountability in mining industries? And will bill No 6229 bring Ukraine closer to implementing these standards?

Speakers at the roundtable include:

- MP Olha Belkova, co-author of the bill,

- MP Lev Pidlisetskyy, co-author of the bill,

- A representative of the Energy and Coal Industry Ministry,

- Roman Nitsovych, an expert with the energy reform group at Reanimation Package of Reforms, DiXi Group thinktank,

- Dina Narezhneva, an expert with Dixi Group.

The discussion is moderated by Iryna Solomko, head of communications at Gorshenin Institute.

The event will be streamed live on the Facebook page of Reanimation Package of Reforms and on

For more information and accreditation, contact Inna Nerodyk at 096 1197337

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