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Oleksandr Chernysh: “A new stage in the development of the Ukrainian holding HoldGroup24” Ad

Oleksandr Chernysh
Oleksandr Chernysh

If you ask Google about the HoldGroup24 company the very first link will tell you that this is a Ukrainian holding company headed by a young Ukrainian businessman Оleksandr Chernysh.

Finding in himself an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, he decided to gain fundamental knowledge about business at a university in Cambridge. It was a deliberate retrogressive step, although many of his college friends, he said, went to study business, simply because they still do not know what to do in life. Then he decided to start his own business exclusively in Ukraine.

Оleksandr opens projects one after another they all become a structural part of the holding. The first project two years ago was PinkiBow, an online platform where you can buy a bouquet of balloons, a box of sweets and a soft toy for congratulations. He became the visit card of the holding, on which the team learned how to do business. When the project has bring stable income, Оleksandr decides to close it, because he occupied most of his working time and did not allow him to move forward. Today, Оleksandr is looking for a new owner of his brainchild in the UK.

In parallel with the business, a young entrepreneurial became involved in social projects and charity, for which he founded the public organization “Innovative Ukraine” and began to search for like-minded people.

Making conclusions over the mistakes, Оleksandr started new projects and decided to switch from providing services to the production and sale of goods, because this type of activity, he said, gives a higher conversion and is potentially less charged to the risks associated with human or other factors.

Under the auspices of the holding, the online platform Boutiqonia, a virtual boutique, was launched, where you can buy DUFNI and OLEHANDRO accessories produced in Ukraine. But such factors as high competition from a number of well-known foreign companies and the popularity of Chinese fakes among Ukrainian sharp dressers do not allow good Ukrainian designers to develop and force them to reduce product quality or think about development opportunities outside Ukraine. Therefore, the Boutiqonia project is temporarily frozen, and each brand has gone its own way.

The first closes the niche of women's high-quality backpacks, the second is accessories for men and women - travel and sports bags, purses, etc., which can be purchased both in the online boutique, and also in Ukrainian showrooms. Soon Оleksandr plans to enter the foreign market with his products.

In addition, the young entrepreneur is trying his hand at IT and has already managed to earn the first money. It is still optimistic to do business in Ukraine, but due to growth he does not exclude the possible development of business abroad.

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