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Shmyhal: our army is holding defense in all the parts of front

The Prime Minister addressed Ukrainians.

Shmyhal: our army is holding defense in all the parts of front

The Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal addressed the citizens of Ukraine following the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, during which a number of decisions were made.

He informed about it in his speech.

"Heroic people of Ukraine. It has been more than 2 days that our army has been destroying the occupiers on the ground, in the sea and in the sky. Thousands of Russian soldiers were killed, hundreds were captured, thousands were wounded. Our army is holding defense in all the parts of front. The enemy expected an easy walk but got a real hell instead. Ukraine is rising. Dozens of thousands of volunteers, reservists, and territorial defense member have already joined the defense of our land. Russian leader do not understand that they are fighting not only the Army Forces of Ukraine, but the whole Ukrainian notion. And this nation has already risen up to fight for freedom against the invaders", - said Shmyhal.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the Russian occupiers had not achieved their goals, so they started shelling of civilians and civilian infrastructure. Russian troops shoot at kindergartens, hospitals, residential buildings, shoot ambulances and buses with children. For these crime the Russian command will be surely judged by tribunal.

"The enemy will definitely be punished for killing Ukrainian children. Ukraine will not forgive!" - Shmyhal emphasized.

The Prime Minister said that an extraordinary meeting of the Government, where a number of important decisions were made, was held today .

First. Ensuring stable work of food producers during martial law. The maximum period of time to perform payments for socially significant food products of Ukrainian origin will not exceed ten calendar days from the date when the relevant invoice was provided by the supplier.

Second. The request according to which the State Reserve Agency has to provide sufficient supplies of diesel fuel for the needs of the army was approved.

Third. The request for the transfer of property confiscated by the court decision and the State Customs Service for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was approved.

Fourth. The necessary algorithm to coordinate the receiving of humanitarian aid and its further delivery to Ukrainians was created. The State Border Guard Service and the State Customs Service should provide a simplified regime for vehicles delivering humanitarian aid to cross the state border. For their part, the civilian and military administrations, together with the National Guard, the National Police and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, will ensure its reception, deployment and storage.

Shmyhal also reminded that Resolution 5155 "On the peculiarities of recognition goods necessary for national security and defense measures as humanitarian aid " was approved yesterday. According to this resolution, for the period of martial law, the leaders of the territorial defense zone have the right to decide on the definition of a list of goods and humanitarian aid needed to implement the measures for national security and defense.

Fifth. The resolution on the peculiarities of payment and delivery of pensions, cash benefits for the period of martial law was approved as well. If people will nor be able to receive money at the place of residence, or if it will not be possible to send it to the specific account, the payment of pensions and benefits will be performed as money transfer. The Ministry of Social Policy, together with the Pension Fund and other bodies, will contact the recipients through the personal e-office of the Pension Fund to clarify the actual place of residence within given conditions.

And the sixth. The government has decided to temporarily close checkpoints across the state border with Russia and Belarus. It is a very important point. The citizens of Ukraine who are staying in these countries and want to return home will be able to enter Ukraine safely and with no obstructions. And we appeal: come back, prove that you are on the side of light.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine also addressed all civilized countries: "It's time to choose whose side you are on. On the side of child killers or on the side of the great European nation that is defending its freedom and state from the invader."

"Give Ukraine weapon to defend itself. Help us with equipment. Isolate Russia in all possible areas. At this time we will continue to defend our country. To our friends from Poland, Latvia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the United States, Great Britain and other countries, who have already sent and continue sending us weapons and other goods necessary to ensure proper functioning of the Armed Forces, our medicine, we say: "Thank you!" Ukrainian people will never forget this. Stay strong, Ukrainians. We are on our land! Glory to Ukrainian Army! Glory to Ukrainian heroic nation! Glory to our heroes-defenders! Glory to Ukraine! ", - added Shmyhal.

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