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Ukraine says 4,500 Russian servicemen killed since 24 February

Russia continues to accumulate aircraft and intensify special forces on the territory of Belarus Republic.

Ukraine says 4,500 Russian servicemen killed since 24 February

Operational information as of the 27th of February from the General Staff and the Armed Forces of Ukraine Command:

Russia continues to accumulate aircraft and intensify special forces on the territory of Belarus Republic. There are more than 50 planes, 10 helicopters and two An-124 planes at Machulyshchi airfield. Transport planes are constantly taking off from Baranovychi and Machulyshche airfields and go in direction to Ukraine. Belorussia command has brought some of its military units to combat readiness.

While attacking Ukraine, Russian occupiers are using methods forbidden by international humanitarian law: take over objects of social infrastructure, change into the uniform of the Ukrainian military, police and agents of Security Service of Ukraine; sabotage special forces use ambulances and police cars stolen from hospitals and police stations; terrorists occupy children's recreation camps and schools, enemy artillery and reactive systems volley fire are placed on the sports grounds.

Three ambulances with specific marks of invaders were recently spotted in Kyiv. In Henichesk district of Kherson region, the Russian occupiers have placed reactive systems volley fire-C a in residential buildings. A column of military vehicles that is moving in the direction from Makariv to Kyiv, has placed children and women on the armored vehicles to cover them.

However, the moral and psychological condition of the occupying forces is low. Near Koryukivka in Chernihiv region, conscript service soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces are ready to lay down their arms and surrender. Hundreds of disabled armored vehicles and tanks have been abandoned all over Ukraine.

As of 18:00, the enemy personnel losses reached about 4,500 people. 27 units of aircraft (to be specified), 26 helicopters, around 150 tanks, more than 700 military armored vehicles, around 50 heavy guns, 1 anti-aircraft missile system BUK, 4 reactive systems volley fire BM-21 Grad, 60 tankers, 2 UAVs of operational and tactical level, 2 ships and boats. The calculation is difficult to complete because by the high intensity of battles.

The occupiers continue shelling in almost all directions of the front line. The Air Force of Ukraine fight back both on the ground an in the sky. The aviation regimen in Vasylkiv is holding on heroically, withstanding massive shelling and enemy attacks. Air Force soldiers bravely repel the aggressor in other cities and military regimens.

During this day, bombers and assault aircraft fired missiles at six columns of military vehicles of the occupiers. Su-25 attack aircraft working in pairs and units attacked and destroyed columns of enemy vehicles in Kherson and Chernihiv regions. Te work on ground targets started by bomber aircraft was continued by attack aircraft. Su-24M destroyed columns of enemy vehicles in Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv and Zaporizhia regions. Anti-aircraft missile military units shot down enemy Ka-52 helicopter and Orlan-10 drone. Once again, the crew of the unmanned aerial vehicle complex "Bayraktar TB2", which struck with fire a column of SAM "Buk-M1" with an adjusted aircraft bomb, worked out in a flash.

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