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Kyiv establishes Humanitarian Center to help Kyiv citizens - Klytschko

The situation in Kyiv is generally under control.

Kyiv establishes Humanitarian Center to help Kyiv citizens - Klytschko
Віталій Кличко
Photo: Фото: КМДА

The situation in Kyiv is under control, defence continues, and city authorities are forming a humanitarian center to help city residents. City mayor Vitaliy Klytschko announced it during the briefing on the 27th of February. He published the video on his official page on Facebook.

"Kyiv is still holding the fort. There are no Russian forces in the capital. However, our armed forces, law enforcers and territorial defence forces keep detecting and defusing the diversion groups." - said Klytschko.

He reminded that citizens should not go outside without necessity, only if it's on the way to the shelter.

"Russia shells residential areas in the capital of Ukraine. Russia kills Ukrainians throughout Ukraine! From the beginning of the attack on the 24th of February, 9 people were killed or murdered in Kyiv, including 1 child. Also, 4 unknown persons and 18 soldiers and members of territorial defence. There were 106 people injured, among them 47 civilians. Including 3 children and one 17 years old cadet,"—said UDAR political party leader. 

He said a humanitarian center is being set up in the capital to help Kyiv citizens.

"In general, the situation in the city is now under control. All critical infrastructure facilities are operational. Public transport does not run. Metro—too. Subway stations work as a shelter for people. Kyiv is setting up a humanitarian center to help Kyivans who need it.

We are currently working on logistics. And shortly, we will publish contacts to collect aid and volunteers. And also—information on where to turn for those who need help,” he explained.

Klytschko thanked all those who were working to defeat the enemy.

“The military, police, National Guard, territorial defence, and volunteer battalions are defending the city.

I am grateful to all Kyivites, to businesses who want or have already volunteered to help in this situation so that Kyiv can survive. Together, we will withstand! We understand: there will be a victory, but there will be only in the fighting! We will win because the army is with us; territorial defence and justice are also with us! Ukraine is with us! Glory to Ukraine! And glory to everyone who is not indifferent, who defends the Motherland,” said the mayor of Kyiv.

He also said that the Kyiv hospitals work in wartime and accept both those who seek emergency care and those brought by ambulance.

“Today, blood transfusion centers are equipped with blood components.

The biggest need is for rhesus-negative donors. Therefore, I ask everyone who can join and become a donor. After the curfew, blood for the wounded can be donated at the centers at Petro Zaporozhets Street, 26 and Maksym Berlinsky Street, 12, " the UDAR leader said.

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