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All Ukrainians, who lost opportunity to work due to war, will receive 6500 hryvna

Pension payments are also provided in full amount.

All Ukrainians, who lost opportunity to work due to war, will receive 6500 hryvna

The government prepared a program on special aid for Ukrainians, who lost the opportunity to work due to the war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced on March 3. 

“Every employee, every private entrepreneur, every our citizen, from whom Russia has taken the opportunity to work will receive 6500 hryvna without any conditions. I specifically stress this for the older Ukrainians. Despite the war, we are providing pension payments in full amount. Index pensions, as it should be according to the law. Since March 1, the pensions for Ukrainians have been indexed by 14%. The funds have already gone to the banks. All of the payments will be carried out in full amount,” he assured. 

President added that the Coordination headquarters for humanitarian help has already been established. 

International partners are supporting Ukraine not only with humanitarian aid but also with weapons. 

“Every day [we are receiving] more and more powerful weapons. Ukraine is already welcoming international volunteers who are coming to our country. The first from sixteen thousand. They are coming to protect freedom. To protect lives. For us. For all. And this will be successful, I am sure. We have survived during our history and on our land - TWO world wars, three Holodomors, Holocaust, Babyn Yar, the Great Terror, Chornobyl explosion, occupation of Crimea, and the war in the east of our country. We do not have a huge territory - from ocean to ocean; we do not have nuclear weapons, we do not supply the world market with oil and gas. But we have our people and our land. To us, it is gold. We do not have anything to lose except for our freedom and dignity. To us, this is the greatest treasure. They wanted to destroy us so many times. They failed. They wanted to erase us from the face of the earth. They failed. They beat us in the back. But we are still on our feet. They wanted to silence us. But the whole world heard us. We have been through so much! And if somebody thinks that after overcoming ALL OF THIS, all Ukrainians - all of us - will be scared, break, and surrender - he knows NOTHING about UKRAINE. AND HE HAS NOTHING TO DO IN UKRAINE. Go home. To your own home. To protect the Russian-speaking people. Not all over the world but in your country. There are almost 150 million of them there. And here… Glory to Ukraine!” summed up the President.

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