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The government is working on creating 4 funds for reconstruction of Ukraine after war with Russia

“We will restore everything that Russian occupiers destroyed.”

The government is working on creating 4 funds for reconstruction of Ukraine after war with Russia

The government of Ukraine is beginning to work on creating four funds, from which money will go into the reconstruction of Ukraine after Russia’s military aggression, as Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, said in his video address. 

The first fund is the Fund for the Reconstruction of Destroyed Property and Infrastructure. 

“We will reconstruct everything that Russian occupiers destroyed. Every house, flat, every school, every kindergarten, and hospital! Every bridge and road!” Schmyhal stressed. 

The second one is the Fund for Economic Recovery and Transformation. “We will ask our partners to adopt for us so-called “Ukrainian Marshall plan.” We need not only to restore the economy, but we will also be building a new European country,” - Prime Minister explained. 

The third fund is the Debt service and repayment fund. Shmygal said that Ukraine today, despite the war, is fulfilling all of its obligations. On March 1, the Ministry of Finance made a coupon payment of $292 million on Eurobonds. “But we believe that the world should support Ukraine, understanding the burden we have on us today,” - the Prime Minister said. 

The fourth fund is the Support Fund for the Affected Business. We all see how many entrepreneurs and companies are helping our military, doctors, and regular Ukrainians today. Everyone united for the shared goal - to get the enemy off our land. And we understand that our goal is to help businesses get back to regular work, normal life, normal existence. 

“We are here, on our land, and nobody can take away our European future. We will rebuild everything! Glory to Ukrainian army. Glory to Ukrainian people. Glory to Ukraine!” - Shmyhal added. 

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