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The Russians shelled and de-energized a nuclear research facility in Kharkiv - the SNRI

Information on the consequences and damage to the building is being clarified.

The Russians shelled and de-energized a nuclear research facility in Kharkiv - the SNRI

Tania Matiash

Today, the Russian army again fired on the "Dzherelo neitroniv" nuclear research facility in Kharkiv; they de-energized and damaged the building.

 State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine reported this information.

On the evening of 10 March 2022, the country-aggressor once again attacked a nuclear research station, "Dzherelo neitroniv." It is based on a subcritical assembly controlled by a linear electron accelerator "(hereinafter - NSS "Dzherelo neitroniv" )and placed at National Scientific Center "Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology", - said in a statement.

According to preliminary information, the nuclear station is completely de-energized, there is superficial damage to the building. However, information on the consequences of injuries is being clarified by staff, the SNRCU said.

It is noted that the bombing of the nuclear station on 6 March 2022 caused the following damage:

substation RU-0.4 kV is destroyed;

 air conditioners' cables for cooling systems of the enema gallery of the linear electron accelerator are damaged;

in some places, there is surface damage of the main building of the station; heating main to the complex of buildings and structures of NSS "Dzherelo neitroniv" is damaged as well;

broken windows in the pump and cooling towers buildings and the isotope laboratory.

Before the Russian invasion, the nuclear facility was at the stage of physical start-up, during which the core was loaded with fresh nuclear fuel. On 24 February 2022, operational personnel transferred the station to a deep subcritical state.

NSS "Dzherelo neitroniv" is designed for scientific and applied research in nuclear physics, radiation materials science, biology, chemistry, and the production of medical radioisotopes.

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