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In Mykolaiv, occupiers shelled an oncology hospital

According to the previous information, no one was injured, the building suffered minor damage.

In Mykolaiv, occupiers shelled an oncology hospital
Photo: The State Emergency service of Ukraine

Nastia Ivantsiv, Reporter for Department "Suspilstvo"

In Mykolaiv, the Russian occupiers shelled an oncology hospital. This news was reported by "Suspilne.Mykolaiv referring to the Head of Region Department of Health Care, Maksym Beznosenko.

"Only a freak can attack the weak. And by week, I do not mean us; I mean patients. These bastards have just shelled an oncology hospital. The hospital provides help to oncology patients from the whole Mykolaiv area. If Russia sees cancer patients as an equal opponent who poses a threat, it is not just sick; it is already in agony, "Beznosenko said.

He also added that the occupiers did not cause severe damage to the building.

Earlier it became known that occupiers shell with fire suburbs of Mykolaiv.

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