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YouTube channel "Ukrainian witness" told how Kyiv once again cleaned up the consequences of the Russian assault.

Six residential buildings, school and kindergarten, were destroyed due to shelling in the Podil district in Kyiv.

YouTube channel "Ukrainian witness" told how Kyiv once again cleaned up the consequences of the Russian assault.

YouTube-channel of the "Ukrainian witness" project published a video about how residents of one of the six buildings are cleaning up the consequences of Russian assault, and what they are thinking of the Russian president. 

Today's morning in Podil began with an explosion and evacuation for the residents of one of the 5-story buildings. Fragments of the enemy's rocket hit the building; the first three flours were caught on fire. 

"I was in the kitchen on the phone when it hit. As if it was right next to me. I ran to the room, and the doors were falling down, and the garbage was flying in from the street," tells the resident; she was in the kitchen at the time of the strike. 

Rescuers responded quickly to the fire report, arrived at the scene and evacuated 98 residents. Unfortunately, one person died, and 19 were injured.

"A certain number of victims were admitted, home care was provided to people with glass scratches, minor injuries, and an ambulance was dealing with more serious ones -" said one of the rescue workers.

As a result of the strike, a house, a school, and a kindergarten were destroyed.

"Basically, all we have left are the walls. Everything else is gone: the house appliances, the kids' toys. If you come inside the kindergarten, there is nothing but ruins: only the walls and the damaged roof. It's barbarianism! I don't know what else to say. It's too emotional! Humans don't do such things! They are barbarians! It's a nightmare!"

Throughout the day, residents, along with rescuers and Terror Defense volunteers, removed glass fragments, shattered furniture, windows, doors and destroyed walls from the area around the houses.

Vitaliy Deineha launched the "Ukrainian Witness" project, the founder of the "Come back alive" Fund for the Ukrainian Army.

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