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SSU detained collaborator in Rivne region and sapper from the terrorist group "Somalia"

The sapper said he had allegedly fled the war.

SSU detained collaborator in Rivne region and sapper from the terrorist group "Somalia"
Photo: SSU

The Security Service continues to expose traitors and collaborators who help the Russian occupiers with intelligence about the Armed Forces. On 18 March, SSU detained several such individuals in various regions.

This was reported by the press center of the department.

In Rivne region:

SSU special forces detained a man who betrayed Ukraine and started working for the enemy. He provided the Russian occupiers with information on the ways of redeployment of military equipment of the Armed Forces and the location of military units for airstrikes. In addition, he wanted to head the occupation authorities in case of Russian occupation of Rivne region.

In Dnipropetrovsk region:

The Security Service has exposed other fraudsters who extorted money intended for the defense of Ukrainian cities. They found contacts of leaders of different regions through social networks. Swindlers contacted them under the guise of assistant heads of civil-military administrations in the areas where the most active hostilities are taking place and asked for help with defense funds. Currently, the fraudsters have been detained, the process of returning the stolen funds is underway.

In Vinnytsia region:

Fighters of "Alpha" of SSU caught the terrorist of "DNR" in the center of Vinnytsia. The man "served" as a sapper in the terrorist group "Somalia". According to him, he fled the war and hid, but SSU investigators will establish his real motives.

In Odessa region:

A resident of Odesa region was detained for helping the Russian occupiers. He was collecting and passing on to the enemy photographic material with the location and equipment of the territorial defense forces checkpoints and border detachments in the region. The lists of patriotic citizens who help the Armed Forces were found with the informant. The traitor sent all the information through the Telegram channel created by the Russian fascists. 

An ally of the Russian occupiers who assisted in sabotage and reconnaissance groups was detained in Kyiv. The man faces up to seven years in prison.

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