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Ukrainian defenders liquidated already three russian commanders of russian regiments - General Staff of UAF

The commander of the 356th brigade has been wounded.

Ukrainian defenders liquidated already three russian commanders of russian regiments - General Staff of UAF

The threat of the missile strikes at Ukraine with the long-ranged high-precision weaponry by russia remains, in particular, with the hypersonic missile Kh-47M2 Kinzhal (“dagger”). The occupant country is also preparing to involve the armies of Belarus.

In general, the state, position, and character of defence of Ukraine has not changed, the defenders hold the taken regions and borders, the summary of the General Staff of UAF informs, at 12:00 on the 25th day of resistance against the russian occupants. The adversary takes substantial losses.

“During the battles, the commander of the 356th special force brigade from Prokhladne has been wounded, the following have been destroyed: the commanders of the 331st parachute kostrom assaulting regiment; “forge of division commanders”, 247th airborne-assault caucasian kazachy regiment from Stavropol; 6th guard tank red flag regiment from Chebarkulia”, the message says.

In Polissia direction, the enemy tries to strengthen their positions in the occupied territories, while awaiting to enhance the formation with the arrival of reserves, and conducts preparation to assault Kyiv. In this direction, russians have renewed the airborne prospecting and the shelling of positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, using the military air forces and artillery.

In Siversk direction, the enemy has not performed any active offensive actions, but continues to regroup its troops and concentrates its forces for the following assault. They have been forced to switch to defence and land mine laying after the firing strikes by our defenders. 

“In Slobozhansk direction, the occupants have not performed any active offensive actions. The positions of artillery of great power have been spotted in the territory of Belgorod oblast, near the Ukrainian state border. The enemy does not give up the intentions to take control over the city of Izium, but has lost combat capability of their units and has been stopped”, the CDI adds. 

The enemy concentrates on assaulting Rubizhne, Severodonetsk, Popasna. The occupants have attempted to break the defence of our armies in the Verkhniotoretske settlement region, but have taken losses. 

They continue to block and shell the hero-city of Mariupol.

In Southern Buh direction, no active offensive actions have been taken, in selected directions the enemy has switched to defence. 

The General Staff estimates the threat of invasion from Belarus in Volyn’ direction as high. The UAF note that they are ready to repel. 

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