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Yesterday Russians have shelled civil infrastructure of Kyiv region for 30 times

The greatest damage was cause to Buchansky, Brovarsky, Vyshhorodsky districts

Yesterday Russians have shelled civil infrastructure of Kyiv region for 30 times

On the 20th of March it was reported that residential areas and social infrastructure in Kyiv region had been under Russian military shelling for 30 times. 

The biggest damage was caused to Buchansky district (Irpin, Bucha, Makariv, Borodyan, Dmytriv communities), Brovarsky district (Velykodymerska community), Vyshhorodsky district (Dymerska, Ivankivska communities). Oleksandr Pavlyuk, the head of Kyiv Regional State Administration, has informed about the events. 

The enemy continues to terrorise local population and loot on the occupied territories. 

Encirclement/occupation of Kyiv from the north & north west directions remains the enemy’s main goal.

“Enemy’s groups are conducting rotation and retrofitting of military personnel. There have been active surveillance and intelligence actions by drones to locate positions of our army. There have been chaotic and ill-targeted shelling targeting residential areas and infrastructure. “ - stated the head of Regional State Administration. Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with other units of the Defense Forces, continue firing at enemy’s military groups who can’t hold the occupied frontiers. 

Last night, due to shelling, private estates coughed fire in Petrushka and Shpytka of the Dmytriv’s community. Many villages in the occupied Buchansky district are at the verge of humanitarian catastrophe. The enemy continues shelling villages, which gives no opportunity for people to leave. Fighting and shelling in Gostomel, Bucha, Irpin.

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