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During the day, the occupiers lost a plane, 2 helicopters, 6 drones, 14 tanks, 300 units of personnel - General Staff

In Sumy region, 300 occupiers refused to fight and left the district.

Photo: Ministry of Defense

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has released the latest update on the Russian invasion as of 06.00 on 22 March.

No significant changes in the position and nature of the actions of the defense forces during the last day have been noted. The Armed Forces and other members of the Defense Forces continued to strike at groups of enemy troops who tried to hold the captured frontiers.

Over the past 24 hrs, units of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Air Defense of the Land Forces have hit more than 9 enemy air targets. These are 1 plane, 6 UAVs and 2 helicopters, the number of missiles shot down is being specified.

In addition, the Air Force aircraft dealt devastating blows to clusters of enemy equipment and manpower, conducted air battles and intercepted air targets. More active actions of enemy aircraft have been noted in the last 24 hours.

The enemy did not lose significant problems with supplying its troops. According to available information, the russian occupation forces operating in Ukraine have stockpiles of ammunition and food for no more than three days. The situation is similar with fuel, which is replenished by tank trucks. The occupiers were unable to organize a pipeline to meet the needs of the grouping of troops.

Russian aggressors continue to carry out aggressive propaganda work on the need to take part in the war with Ukraine with the personnel of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus.

In the Okhtyrka district of the Sumy region, the facts of disobedience of russian servicemen were recorded. About 300 occupiers refused to carry out the order to conduct hostilities, and, on 70 units of equipment, left the area of the operation.

In the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk region, due to heavy losses of manpower, the enemy continues to mobilize citizens of the quasi-formation of the "LPR". A large part of the population does not support the policy of the occupiers, does not want to take up arms and hides from the representatives of the occupying power. It is significant that mobilization is carried out chaotically, the people who are mobilized are not distributed by specialties, most of them have no military specialty, because they have never served in the military. Contracts are signed with citizens who have russian passports, and those who have only a pseudo-republic passport are registered as volunteers.

In the Donetsk and Luhansk directions, the enemy continues to try to advance and gain a foothold, but they have no success.

Ukrainian defenders repulsed 13 enemy attacks and destroyed 14 tanks, 8 infantry fighting vehicles, 2 Light Armoured Multipurpose Tracked Tractors, 3 artillery systems and 4 vehicles. Air defense units hit 2 enemy air targets. The losses of enemy personnel amounted to about 300 people.

In addition, the defenders of Mariupol destroyed the patrol boat "Raptor" and the electronic warfare complex "Leer-3".

As previously reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, due to heavy losses, russia has suspended the planned dismissal of officers, ensigns and sergeants.

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