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“Not a Euro to occupiers!” - Volodymyr Zelenskyy calls Germany to break any business connections with Russian Federation

During his video speech recorded for the citizens of Germany Zelenskyy turned the sound of air-alert on

“Not a Euro to occupiers!” -  Volodymyr Zelenskyy calls Germany to break any business connections with Russian Federation

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy again has asked Europe to stop financing Russia to decrease the funds Russia uses to continue the war in Ukraine.

In the video recorded on March 21 to address the citizens of Germany, Zelenskyy turned the sound of air-alert on, the sound Ukrainians have been listening to for weeks already.

“Our people constantly hear this sound, they rush to take their kids, help elderly people and go to shelters or basements aiming to survive. To escape from Russian air bombs and missiles. Ukrainians live, work, try to get some sleep, are treated from injuries, give birth and die - all while listening to this air-alert sound,” the President mentioned.

Thousands of our citizens have been killed during this brutal war. Including 115 children. 

Zelenskyy also added that before this war Kyiv had been called “new Berlin”, as the feelings of open-mindedness, emotions and freedom were very similar in both cities. And now Kyiv is closed and quiet, waiting for the next air-alert sound. 

“You may see our desire to be with Europe. Our intention, which we fight for on the battlefield. And which you can win just in your society. By expressing your own opinion, speaking out, by putting pressure on politicians. For Ukraine to finally become part of the EU. The Germans, you have the strength!” Volodymyr Zelensky mentioned in his speech addressed to the citizens of Germany.

“At the moment we can not get together as you can. We can not live as you do. We are fighting to rescue from one of the biggest armies, fighting against missiles, bombs and artillery rocket systems, against military aircrafts and helicopters, on which Russians have already started writing “To Berlin”, - the President added. 

He has highlighted that Russians’ aim is to get much further than just to Ukraine. 

“We are fighting against occupiers that shoot refugees dead on the streets, kill civilians, intentionally make whole cities starve, set living blocks on fire. This is the scariest war in Europe since the Second World War,”- said the President.

“The people of Germany, you have the power! Europe has the power which is stronger than any missiles and tanks. If you stop the trade with Russia, they will not have enough money for this war. So, let’s bring peace, the sooner the better. And you can do it”, underlined Zelenskyy.

Ukraine has warned European politicians that this is dangerous when decisions regarding gas availability in Europe, as well as its price, are being taken in Moscow. And now when Russian missiles hit just 20 kilometers away from the borders of NATO, when Russians have taken over nuclear electric stations it became even more clear that you need to hear Ukraine and to support it. 

“Please, don’t act as sponsors of Russia's military machine. Not a Euro to occupiers. Shut the harbors, don’t deliver goods to them, refuse energy resources. Put pressure on Russia to leave Ukraine. I believe it’s possible to reach peace, but you must act to achieve it. To make Kyiv called “new Berlin” again, to make our squares safe as yours are. To make kids play outside the shelters. And let us all forget this sound of air-alert, the same as you don’t recall it,”- summarized the President.

It is well-known that the EU has introduced four packages of restrictive measures as a reply to Russia starting the full-scale war against Ukraine. Still, the purchase of energy resources remains an open question. The EU officials are to discuss applying an oil embargo against Russia later this week.

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