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General Staff: Due to heavy losses, Russia suspended planned dismissals of officers, warrant officers and sergeants

The defenders of Mariupol destroyed a Raptor-class patrol boat and an electronic warfare system Leer-3.

Trophy Russian tank
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Trophy Russian tank
The enemy temporarily controls the land corridor to Crimea and blocks access to the Azov Sea, says the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in its brief of the russian invasion as of midnight March 22.

The russian occupying forces have lost their capacity to advance and keep shuffling reserves from inland Russia to the borders of Ukraine.

Due to the high number of fatal and other casualties, including among commanding officers, Russian armed forces suspended planned dismissals from the military service of officers, warrant officers and sergeants.

The military and political leadership of the Russian Federation targets Belarussian military personnel with intense propaganda to convince them of the necessity of invasion on the Ukrainian territory.

In Polissya, in the past 24 hours, the enemy tried to advance in several directions, suffered losses and didn't achieve success. The enemy maintains air surveillance to find other possibilities to improve its positions.

In the direction of Siversk, the enemy does not try to advance, instead reinforces its ranks with additional units, notably a battalion tactical group of the 90th tank division. Separate units continue shelling Chernihiv and other towns and keep trying to advance towards Brovary with no success. They try to resupply and do surveillance.

In the direction of Slodozhansk, the enemy does not advance, keeps partly blocking Sumy and shelling Kharkiv. Logistics units of the occupying forces are trying to repair railways between the town Valuyky and the town Krupyansk to streamline supplies to the frontlines.

In the direction of Donetsk and Lugansk, the enemy tries to advance and reinforce existing positions, unsuccessfully. Ukrainian defenders repelled thirteen enemy attacks and destroyed fourteen tanks, eight infantry fighting vehicles, two light armoured multipurpose tracked tractors, three artillery systems and four cars. The enemy lost about 300 personnel (numbers not final).

The defenders of Mariupol destroyed a Raprot-class patrol boat and an electronic warfare system Leer-3.

In the direction of Southern Boug, the occupiers defend their positions while trying to restore combat capacity and repair damaged military equipment.

In the direction of Mykolaiv, as a result of the Ukrainian military units' counter-attack, the enemy had to retreat to disadvantageous positions.

Today, thanks to the heroic efforts of our defenders, the city of Makarov raised the Ukrainian flag again, the enemy retreated.

The enemy air forces destroy the infrastructure in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Donets regions using bombs and missiles. The occupiers use the Belarussian airdromes network.

We expect that the enemy will continue bombing, shelling and otherwise targeting the critical infrastructure of Ukraine, using reactive artillery, airplanes, precision-guided munitions and unguided weapons.

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