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Demoralized Russian invaders intimidated by repression against relatives - Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

A growing number of Russian troops refuse to continue the war against Ukraine in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.

Demoralized Russian invaders intimidated by repression against relatives - Defence Intelligence of Ukraine
Photo: Liga

The number of demotivated soldiers who are reluctant to fight against Ukraine is increasing in Russian subdivisions that were in direct action with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.

This was reported by the Chief Directorate of Intelligence. 

Having felt the resistance of Ukrainian defenders and understood their immediate prospects, occupiers are no longer interested in easy money and the possibility of looting, which they were promised before the invasion. 

Ukrainian intelligence records an increase in the number of Russian militaries reluctant to further participate in the war. The so-called "liberators" appeal en masse to their relatives to help them return home. As reported earlier, the occupiers were looking for 'Ukrainian bullets' to shoot themselves in the legs and get to the hospital.

Enemy unit commanders try to isolate demoralized soldiers from the rest of the personnel and keep them under guard. They are threatened with criminal liability and repression against relatives in Russia.

After the relatives of demoralized soldiers appealed to the military units in their homeland, they were assured that the soldiers were doing well and that they were on the occupied Crimean territory.

Chief Directorate of Intelligence stresses that all perpetrators of war crimes against the people of Ukraine will be brought to justice and advises the occupiers to lay down their arms as soon as possible and look for an opportunity to surrender.

"This is the only opportunity to save your lives and avoid repression by the Russian authorities," - stressed the Chief Directorate of Intelligence.

Earlier, the SSU declassified the military tactics of Russian invaders - "get f*king beaten and hide”

According to a conversation intercepted earlier between the Russian military and his family, it was clear that they could only afford to buy a toilet for the occupier's salary.

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