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Russia's total losses amounted to about 14,700 of manpower

The number of the enemy`s tanks also significantly decreased.

Russia's total losses amounted to about 14,700 of manpower
Photo: facebook/40 Окрема артилерійська бригада імені Великого князя Вітовта

The total military losses of Russia from 24.02 to 20.03 amounted to approximately 14,700 of manpower, 476 tanks, 1487 armored military vehicles and 230 artillery systems.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces reported about it.

Russia has also lost 74 multiple-launch rocket systems, 44 air defense systems, 96 aircrafts, 118 helicopters, 947 cars, 3 vessels or cutters, 60 fuel tanks, 21 operational and tactical UAVs and 12 units of special equipment.

The calculation is complicated due to the high intensity of military activities.

The other day the "South" Operational Command demonstrated a video of destruction of the enemy`s vehicle convoy using a Bayraktar military drone. In the video, the Bayraktar shows really outstanding properties to detect the appropriate targets from a distance of almost 50 km.

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