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Fire commences in one of Kyiv high-rise buildings because of shell fragments

Five people were injured.

Fire commences in one of Kyiv high-rise buildings because of shell fragments

A fire commenced in one of Kyiv’s high-rise buildings because of shell fragments. 

This information came from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. 

“On March 20 at 1:59pm Rescue service received a notification about a fire in a residential building in Svyatoshin district of the capital. Firefighters from closest fire and rescue groups arrived immediately. Upon arrival, the rescuers confirmed that the fire commenced on the 4th floor balcony of the 10-floor residential building and 2 private cars were on fire as a result of shell fragments hit,” - the notification said. 

The fire was contained at 2:24pm and eliminated at 2:41pm. 

Seven fire trucks and 25 people were involved in the operation. Also, the services commences evacuation of people from the building. Six people were already evacuated. 

The mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko confirmed that there were no casualties as of the moment. Five people were injured, two - hospitalized. 

“Friends! Dear residents of Kyiv! Our enemy continues shelling of Kyiv. A projectile hit the ground next to a 10-floor residential building. The building was damaged, several cars burnt down. At this time we don’t know about any casualties. 5 people were injured. Two of them were hospitalized. Doctors and rescuers are working on site,” - informed Klitschko. 

As a reminder, Saturday, March 19, was the first day in many days when occupants didn't fire at the capital. 

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