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In occupied Crimea, some marine corps lost up to 90% of personnel - the General Staff

Due to the resistance of Ukrainians, it is impossible to establish a pro-Russian ruling in the territories temporarily controlled by the Russians.

In occupied Crimea, some marine corps lost up to 90% of personnel - the General Staff

In Russian-occupied Crimea, some marine corps have lost up to 90% of their personnel and have no reserves to replenish them. This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the report as of 19 March 2022, at 18:00.

"Russian troops continue to suffer significant losses. In temporarily occupied Crimea, some marines have lost up to 90 percent of their personnel; there are no reserves to recover losses. There are attempts to recruit soldiers from other military units to replenish companies to send to Ukraine. "In these units, more than 20 people have refused to participate in the war against Ukraine. Repressions methods are to make them join the companies," the General Staff said.

The situation in some areas is as follows:

The Mykolaiv direction: the enemy units equipped with personnel due to mobilization conducted in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region suffered considerable losses. During the two days of combat, they have lost more than 200 people; the rest are demoralized and refuse to participate in war actions.

Refrigerators with KIA (killed in action) cargo of the Second Army Corps of the RF arrive at Luhansk Region Hospital every day. 

Chernihiv direction: Russian invaders tried to distribute "humanitarian aid," but the residents did not take it. The situation is similar in Kyiv and Kherson regions.

The Russian occupiers again didn't allow trucks with humanitarian aid to enter the Kherson region and didn't allow unloading the cargo the residents of the Kherson region needed.

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