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The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant personnel partially rotated

The staff members were at their workplaces for about 600 hours.

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant personnel partially rotated

Today, in the late afternoon on 20 March 2022, personnel of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP) were partially rotated, and some of the people who were at the occupied plant site were evacuated.

This is reported on the Faсebook page of the State Specialized Enterprise “Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.”

As of now, 64 persons have been taken home:

• 50 employees from the ChNPP shift staff

• 9 members of the National Guard of Ukraine (8 women and 1 cancer patient)

• 1 serviceperson from the National Emergency Service

• 4 stalkers (scavengers who stay illegally on the site).

46 ChNPP employees volunteered to replace the evacuated ChNPP personnel to fulfill their work duties and to ensure that the enterprise is functional.

The evacuated employees had been at their workplaces for about 600 hours, having performed their professional duties and maintained the appropriate level of safety.

The Russian occupiers transformed the nuclear site into a military base.

As a result of the hostile actions of the Russian occupiers, the Chernobyl NPP was cut off from power. The warfare made it impossible to conduct repair works and restore the power supply.

On 13 March 2022, Ukrainian specialists restored the power supply at the Chernobyl NPP and in the town of Slavutich. Next day, Russian occupiers damaged the power line to the ChNPP again, which had been earlier repaired by the Ukrainians. Emergency crews had to travel back to the danger zone to repair the damages.

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