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Kuleba described how Ukrainian diplomats forced Bosch to suspend trade with Russia.

Two weeks ago, the Ukrainian military seized another batch of Russian equipment. And there were details of the German company in it.

Kuleba described how Ukrainian diplomats forced Bosch to suspend trade with Russia.
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The German company Bosch made a statement about the termination of cooperation with Russia after pressure from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba wrote about this on Facebook.

"Two weeks ago, the Ukrainian military seized another collection of Russian equipment on the battlefield. In particular, there was an armored car Tiger, anti-aircraft complex Pantsir, and other deadly iron. They opened Tiger hood and there was a surprise: parts made by the German company BOSCH." Kuleba wrote.

A few days later, Kuleba aired on the largest German talk show, Anne Will. Using this example, he told 4 million viewers about how German technology has helped build a Russian military machine that is currently waging a barbaric war of aggression against the Ukrainian people.

"This accusation caused an earthquake in the German media. The company responded by saying that all their contracts with Russia explicitly prohibited the usage of parts, produced by BOSCH for any military, not a civilian purpose. So the Russians, in a typical manner, illegally installed parts on military equipment. Meanwhile, with the assistance of diplomats and journalists the scandal in Germany has grown to the scale of the government investigation," Kuleba added.

On 19 March 2022 we managed to get a result that will further weaken the Russian army. Bosch has officially announced that it will stop supplying truck components to Russia. In addition, a complete halt to production at Russian plants is expected, including a household goods plant in St. Petersburg.

"We will definitely continue to reveal all the facts of sponsorship of the Russian military machine by foreign companies and put pressure on the immediate withdrawal of foreign businesses from Russia," the minister added.

The German Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection has launched an investigation into Bosch, as the export of dual-use goods to Russia was banned by the European Union in 2014 as part of sanctions against the occupation of Ukrainian Crimea.

Meanwhile, European Union officials are discussing the possibility of using the assets of Russian oligarchs who have come under sanctions to fund Ukraine's post-war reconstruction efforts.

And Poland has proposed the European Union to impose a total ban on trade with Russia.

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