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UAF showed the video of the 23rd day of the Kyiv defense chronicle

In recent days russians tried to break through the north direction, but Ukrainian defenders interfered and captured the enemy tank T-72.

The UAF General Staff has published the Infantry’s video, which defended Kyiv this night. 

In recent days russians tried to break through the capital’s north direction, but they incurred losses of equipment and manpower. 

“We have driven them away and captured russian T-72”, said the Infantry officer. The Colonel-General, Commander of the Defense of Kyiv and Infantry, Oleksandr Syrskyy, told about good-coordinated work of mechanized units and artillery, who give decent rebuff to the enemy. 

“Today the situation is calm in our area of operational responsibility, we observe no shelling, nor any other offensive actions”, he said. 

Now the enemy strikes Kyiv only with missiles, at a distance. 

We remind, that russian “Kyiv quick-capture plan” failed. As of today, the enemy was stopped at almost 70 km distance on the right bank of Dnipro. 

There are two defense circles around Kyiv, as well as arranged fortifications and an acting air defense system. 

Despite the ADS, the rules and air raid sirens cannot be ignored. Anti-subversion activities in Kyiv are effective too. In recent days we eliminated around 100 saboteurs and 35 subversion groups -- for the whole war. 

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