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UAF has eliminated the commander of the 8th Army of Southern military district, lieutenant-general Mordvichov

Heavy casualties push the aggressor state to consider total mobilization

UAF has eliminated the commander of the 8th Army of Southern military district, lieutenant-general Mordvichov

Ukrainian Armed Forces have destroyed several Russian equipment convoys in the Sumy and Mykolayiv regions over the last 24 hours. During the attack, they have eliminated the commander of the 8th Combined Arms Army of the Southern military district, lieutenant-general Mordvichov. This was mentioned in a summary released by UAF General Staff as of 6 AM.

“Ukrainian anti-air missile troops and air forces have hit 12 enemy air targets: 2 aircraft, 3 helicopters, 3 drones, and 4 cruise missiles. Considering the heavy casualties in personnel that the enemy has suffered, there is a high probability that Russian military and political authorities will impose legislative changes to start the open mobilization so that Russia can continue the lengthy and exhausting war”, the General Staff added.

There’s a possibility that a series of provocations with civilian casualties can be set up in Russia, the same as before the Second Chechen war.

“This will allow the coup in power to announce Martial law and start the total mobilization”, - the summary says.

Killed and wounded soldiers are being continuously evacuated from Ukrainian territory. In the city of Gomel (Belarus) all the available surgical units are 100% engaged in the treatment of the wounded. Surgeons are operating 24/7, all the scheduled surgical procedures for the Belarus residents are either canceled or delayed for an indefinite term. A high mortality rate is noted among heavily wounded Russian personnel.

“The enemy continues to suffer huge losses. Russian troops encounter serious logistical problems in their units. Low morale of the troops increases the frequency of desertion and refusal of Russian military personnel to participate in warfare”, - the UAF Staff added.

According to Ukrainian journalist Andrii Tsapliyenko, Lt-Gen Mordvichov was eliminated at the Chornobayivka airfield in the Kherson region. Yesterday the UAF hit the airfield, where Russians were deploying, for the 6th time already.

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