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Calls made to memorialise some russian fortifications in Chernobyl

After the war is over, they will be demonstrated to the visitors of Chornobyl exclusion zone as the example of Russia’s stupidity.

Calls made to memorialise some russian fortifications in Chernobyl

Some of the fortifications built by Russian troops in Chornobyl zone must be preserved for history. The chairman of the Association of Chornobyl Tour Operators, a member of the Public Council at the State Agency for Exclusion Zone Management, Yaroslav Yemelyanenko, made the respective statement, as reports.

“After all these paramilitary groups withdraw not only from the NPP itself, but also from Chornobyl zone, the same liquidation process as in 1986 will have to be done in part,” Yemelyanenko said during the national telethon.

According to Mr. Yemelyanenko, it will be necessary to wash the roads with special solutions, wash away the dirt, and partially bury the fortifications that the Russian troops built in the so-called Red Forest.

“But I will insist that some of these fortifications be left just for history, so that all visitors to the Chornobyl zone, after the war, see the stupidity of Russia and what they did in this area,” he added.

The Russian occupiers, who captured the Chornobyl nuclear power plant and other facilities in the Exclusion Zone on the first day of the war, marched in two columns towards the Ukrainian border with the Republic of Belarus. They captured Ukrainian National Guard Soldiers

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