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Lithuania is the first EU country to cease all russian gas imports for domestic needs

Since 1 April, the Lithuanian gas transmission system has not imported gas from russia

Lithuania is the first EU country to cease all russian gas imports for domestic needs
Photo: EPA/UPG

Lithuania will no longer import russian gas to meet its domestic needs, becoming the first country in Europe to have secured its independence from russian supplies, reported by " European Pravda" with reference to the publication LRT.

The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania reported that since 1 April Lithuania ceased all imports of russian gas. This was also confirmed by the data of the operator Amber Grid: on 2 April imports of russian gas to Lithuania through the interconnector with Belarus was nil.

All natural gas for Lithuanian domestic consumption will be imported via the liquified natural gas (LNG) import terminal in the port of Klaipeda, which should be sufficient for domestic needs. If necessary, gas can also be provided from Latvia, and from 1 May - through an interconnector with Poland.

The Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivis called it a turning point in Lithuania's energy independence.

"We are the first EU country, which has become independent from russian gas supplies", - he said.

"From this month on - no more russian gas in Lithuania. Many years ago, my country made decisions that now allow us to break energy ties with the aggressor. If we can do it, the rest of Europe can do it too", - Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said.

According to Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the European Union will be able to cease all russian gas supply within two years.

Russian president vladimir putin signed a decree on the procedure for the fulfillment of obligations to russian natural gas suppliers by foreign buyers, which stipulates that all contracts for pipeline gas deliveries with companies registered in “unfriendly countries” must be settled in rubles. All G7 ministers agreed completely that this would be a one-sided and clear breach of the existing contracts and refused to pay for gas in rubles. France and Germany are currently preparing for potential halt of russian gas imports.

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