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“Take children away... We are fighting, but it is indescribably difficult to feel pain of every child in Mariupol” – Azov

The battalion’s deputy commander called to “remove that particular slab hurting every particular child.”

“Take children away... We are fighting, but it is indescribably difficult to feel pain of every child in Mariupol” – Azov
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The deputy commander of the Azov battalion, “Kalyna,” called on Ukrainians to help the defenders of Mariupol unblock the city to remove children from there.

He noted that the defenders of the city are firmly holding the defense in a complete blockade – they yesterday destroyed two infantry fighting vehicles, today a tank and enemy infantry – but they operate on the verge of life and death.

“Every minute, the heroic defenders of Mariupol are on the verge of life and death. In a complete blockade, they continue the heroic struggle for Ukraine and its citizens, fighting for every meter of their native land. …we hope to unlock the blockade. We know that politicians and the military are doing everything possible. We believe that Ukraine has a way out of this situation,” the deputy commander said.

He called on all Ukrainians to fight for our territory and do everything possible to bring rescuers and special equipment to Mariupol to dismantle the rubble.

“[I ask] that every child whose little heart is still beating, pressed by heavy concrete slabs, may be released because that child is still praying, hoping for all of you. That child does not believe in having been forgotten. The child does not believe that no one will come. That child now symbolizes our future… Imagine her or him, not all the children at once, of whom there are thousands here. Imagine just one with that child’s story, eyes, hair color, and a specific name. Imagine and try to think that it is not worth saving that child. That you, adults, can’t take the risk of saving life of that one kid. We ask you to unblock them. You have to remove that particular concrete slab hurting every particular child,” Kalyna said.

“We fight and will continue to fight, but it is indescribably difficult to feel the pain of every child in Mariupol. Please help us fight without feeling this pain. Take the children away,” he added.

In addition, he called on everyone not to stop asking the world for help to Mariupol.

“Do your best to defeat evil. If you can’t hold weapons in your hands – treat, build, produce, block russian sites and groups, and shout out about crimes. Do not stop calling on the world to help Mariupol,” the combatant “Kalyna” concluded.

Earlier, the commander of the separate battalion of special purpose Azov of the National Guard, Denys Prokopenko, told about defenders of Mariupol keeping defense in very difficult conditions – combatants faint because of hunger, they have to drink water from batteries because of its shortage.

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