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Crew member injured as russians attack foreign merchant ship near Mariupol

Naval border control evacuated the crew to a safe place.

Crew member injured as russians attack foreign merchant ship near Mariupol

Last night during the round of shelling from the sea in Mariupol the enemy hit a civilian vessel under the command of the Dominican Republic, which was located near one of the piers.

This was reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The shell hit caused fire in the engine room, one crew member was injured.

The captain on the international channel of marine security signalled "SOS" and the message: "Attention! Attention! The ship under the ensign of the Dominican Republic was brutally destroyed, everything is destroyed, the bridge is destroyed. There is fire in the engine room. There are wounded people.

Due to the shot hole the ship began to sink, and the fire started spreading over larger and larger areas.

Marine frontiersmen promptly provided assistance to the wounded and evacuated the crew to a safe place.

The ship is on fire, gradually going under the water, and it is impossible to carry out rescue operations under continuous shelling.

From the first days of the invasion the russian federation declared the western-north part of the Black Sea as a combat zone and in violation of international humanitarian law started firing at foreign civilian ships. As a result of missile attacks the occupiers sank the dry cargo ship under Panami Helt. They also hit the tanker under Moldovan ensign Millennial Spirit. In the northern part of the Black Sea, at the anchorage russian occupiers attacked two bulk carriers Namura Queen and Lord Nelson, ensign Panami Helt which suffered significant damage.

Also the russian military pirates hijacked the Marine Search and Rescue Vessel Sapfir, which was carrying out a humanitarian mission

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