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At least 400 people missing from Hostomel

Many bodies cannot be found. 

At least 400 people missing from Hostomel

Photo: Max Trebukhov

More than 400 people have gone missing after 35 days of occupation in Hostomel. The Head of the village military administration, Taras Dumenko, mentioned this in an interview with Hromadske Radio.

"We know about the people killed: there are confirmations, photos, and video recordings, but we still can't find them. When there was a [mobile] connection, eyewitnesses were able to pass this information to us, but now we still can't find their bodies. Our source of information has managed to escape," he said.

He also said that the russians had abducted a husband and a son of a doctor in Hostomel, and they have not yet been found. The body of the fire chief of the Hostomel airport is also being searched.

Dumenko noted that the russians "cleaned up the traces of their atrocities."

"One could move in the direction of Hostomel and see shot cars with bodies, including children, along the road. And on the way back, these bodies were gone. I guess that the calmer the occupiers felt in an area – the farther they were from the front line – the more carefully they covered their traces [of atrocities]. "

According to Dumenko, about 5,000 residents now live in the territory of the community.

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