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It is very difficult to unblock Mariupol - Zelenskyy

The authorities are not ready to speak publicly about such a possibility.

It is very difficult to unblock Mariupol - Zelenskyy

As of today, it is very difficult to organize the military unblocking of Mariupol. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said this during his interview with Ukrainian media.

“It is very difficult. The military deoccupation of Mariupol is difficult today, and the guys who are there know this. We are really in contact almost every day... They are strong, but it is very difficult for them,” the president said, adding that the Ukrainian authorities cannot talk about the possibility of military unblocking of the city publicly.

Yesterday in Bucha Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that “in Mariupol is one of the most difficult situations”.

«I am afraid that I have no right to discuss with you all the scenarios. We support our guys; it is very difficult for them. I and the Commander-in-Chief are in contact daily”, he assured. “We are discussing the intermediation in this particular mission with Turkey. It is not easy there. I think, in the following days, or even in the following hours, we will have an answer to your very difficult question. Everything, unfortunately, depends on you know whom.”

Ukrainian defenders and residents in the city of Mariupol are in an extremely difficult situation – the combatants sometimes faint from hunger and have to drink water from the radiators. The Deputy Commander of the Azov Battalion with the call sign Kalyna urged Ukrainians to help the city defenders to unblock Mariupol to take the children out of there. 

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