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Six fuel tanks destroyed in Russian missile attack on Novomoskovsk

The fire covered 500 m2. Despite the fire being extinguished the factory will no longer be able to work.

Six fuel tanks destroyed in Russian missile attack on Novomoskovsk
Photo: Emergency Service

In Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, six fuel oil tanks were destroyed as a result of a missile attack on the factory in Novomoskovsk. The fire covered 500 m2, the fire was extinguished, no one was injured.

This was reported by the Oblast Emergency Service`s press center.

"Last night, due to an enemy attack, explosions occurred at one of the facilities in the Novomoskovsk district. Fuel oil tanks caught on fire. The area of the fire is 500 m2. As of this morning, the fire has been extinguished. No one was injured," the press center reported.

The Emergency Service clarified that as of 10:40 a fire at the factory in the Novomoskovsk district was extinguished. "Unfortunately, the damage caused by the missile attacks makes it impossible to continue operation of this facility. The shelling completely destroyed 6 tanks for fuel and lubricants," rescuers added.

Another attack that happened yesterday was in Synelnykivskyi district. The missiles hit the oil base territory. It has been destroyed.

The missile hit the ecosystem and caused fire there. Rescuers promptly extinguished the fire.

As it was reported, two Russian missiles were shot down over the Lviv oblast last night, the wreckage fell in Radekhiv.

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