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Shell tightens restrictions on purchase of russian oil

The company refused to buy mixes containing russian petroleum products.

Shell tightens restrictions on purchase of russian oil
Photo: EPA/UPG

The British-Dutch oil and gas company Shell has tightened its restrictions on the purchase of russian oil. The company will not accept refined products with any russian content, including fuel mixes.

This was reported by RBK-Ukraine with reference to Reuters.

In March, Shell announced its phasing out of russian oil, but continued to accept blends containing less than 50 percent russian oil. However, the day before, the company abandoned this practice. In particular, the application for the purchase of aviation kerosene on the Platts Shell trading platform states that the condition of the agreement is the absence of any russian oil products.

"We are working to phase out russian oil and gas from our supply chain, while protecting the energy and fuel supplies that millions of people rely on every day," Shell representative said.

It is also reported that other European companies, including TotalEnergies, Repsol and BP, no longer buy petroleum products with russian content.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that despite a public statement of abandonment of russian oil, Shell Plc continues to buy it, under the guise of so-called blending, which only 49.99% is produced in russia and 50.01% comes from other sources. Shell claimed that the oil was not technically of russian origin.

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