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Bulgaria wants to shift export of Ukrainian grains to its ports

Petkov underlined that Russia is fighting against civilians in Ukraine.

Bulgaria wants to shift export of Ukrainian grains to its ports

Ukraine and Bulgaria are going to shift the export of the Ukrainian grains to the Bulgarian ports, said Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov at the press conference, devoted to his visit to Kyiv.

Petkov who visited the towns in the Kyiv region that were destroyed by russians, confessed he was impressed with the scales of the seen picture.

“When I saw the residential buildings, destroyed with shells, in a small community where there were no military items – that definitely touched our hearts. When I saw a kid’s toy in the building, broken with a russian missile – I can’t call that a military operation or a special operation. This is the war against civilians,” he underlined.

The Prime Minister added that he has no regrets regarding the retirement of his Minister of Defense who communicated the russian legend about “the military operation in Ukraine”.

“I think that the pictures of this war will make a strong effect on the free world. Regarding security, the matter we have discussed is promising, especially for the south of Ukraine. If we do in such a way that we are able to export the Ukrainian grains via Bulgarian ports, that will be a good opportunity to demonstrate the alternative variants of our co-existence,” he said.

Talking about the repair of the Ukrainian military equipment, the Prime Minister added that Bulgaria has the enterprises that can do this and then return the repaired equipment back to Ukraine.

Petkov underlined that Bulgaria is not afraid of any russians’ threats.

“Regarding the direct threats we do not take this as a risk for Bulgaria’s security, it is a direct threat to democracy. Everyone who considers himself a part of the free world should stay next to Ukraine, without the feeling of any threat. This is the issue of morality and ethics – the way the world should do that,” he added.

Petkov has come to Ukraine with his first visit. He had a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and visited the de-occupied inhabited areas in the Kyiv region.

Bulgaria can’t support Ukraine with weapons as it has insufficient volumes of it itself. Meanwhile, it offers to repair the Ukrainian heavy equipment at its enterprises.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister opened a special account and asked his citizens to donate a one-month salary for Ukraine’s protection from russia. 

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