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Death toll in Dnipro rises to 40

75 people were injured, including 15 children.

Death toll in Dnipro rises to 40
Photo: Roman Chop

According to the updated information provided to the journalists of Suspilne in the Regional Military Administration, as of 13:10, the number of victims of the missile strike on the city of Dnipro has increased to 40. 

According to updated data as of 10:30 on Monday, the death toll from the missile attack on Dnipro has increased to 36. There are two children among the victims.

75 people (including 15 children) were injured, 39 people (including 6 children) were rescued, the National Police of Ukraine reported on Telegram.

In the morning, the Head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration Valentyn Reznichenko reported about 35 victims.

"At night, rescuers pulled out several more dead from the rubble of a high-rise building destroyed by a Russian missile. At this time, the enemy attack claimed the lives of 35 residents of the building. Among them are two children," Reznichenko wrote.

The fate of another 35 residents of the house is unknown. The search for people under the rubble continues.

Updated. As of 08:00 on January 16, 39 people (including six children) have been rescued, 35 people (including two children) were killed, 75 people (including 14 children) were injured, 46 reports of missing persons have been received (11 of them have been found, the fate of 35 people is being investigated), the State Emergencies Service reported.

14 tents have been deployed for heating and feeding the victims, issuing clothes and essentials, as well as ensuring the work of the management bodies. Psychologists of the State Emergency Service have assisted 98 victims. Search and rescue operations and the dismantling of dangerous structural elements are underway.

In total, 577 people and 103 vehicles are engaged in the rescue operations, including 155 people and 39 vehicles from the State Emergencies Service.

In the afternoon of 14 January, Russian troops launched another massive missile attack on Ukraine. In particular, a missile hit a residential building in Dnipro. In several other regions, missiles hit critical infrastructure facilities.

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