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US ships over 60 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine

It is the first shipment of these infantry fighting vehicles under a $2.85 billion US military aid agreement.

US ships over 60 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine
Bradley infantry fighting vehicle

U.S. Transportation Command is delivering the first shipment of Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine as part of the United States’ $2.85 billion military aid agreement announced earlier this year, according to the department's website.

The shipment — containing more than 60 Bradleys — left the shores of North Charleston, South Carolina, last week, and will provide the Ukrainian forces with additional offensive and defensive capabilities to protect their borders against Russia’s illegal invasion.

Bradley is an armoured fighting vehicle that transports infantry in combat zones and provides supportive fire.

Along with the 60 Bradleys, the Biden Administration has announced an additional $2.5 billion in security assistance, comprising more fighting vehicles, ammunition, missiles, and Stryker armoured personnel carriers. This brings the total U.S. contribution to the effort to $27.1 billion since the Russian invasion began in February 2022.

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