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Hostile bot farm exposed in Khmelnytskyy Region

A former police officer shared fakes about the war in Ukraine and called for evading mobilization.

Hostile bot farm exposed in Khmelnytskyy Region
Photo: Security Service of Ukraine

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) cyber specialists have taken down a pro-Kremlin bot farm in Khmelnytskyy Region, which was using more than 2,000 bots to spread disinformation about the situation at the front and call on Ukrainians to evade mobilization.

"The pro-Russian cell also discredited the military and political leadership and units of the Defence Forces of our country. According to intelligence, the main 'customers' of the bot farm were representatives of the special services of the aggressor country. They bought fake accounts and used them in popular social networks allegedly on behalf of ordinary Ukrainians," the SBU press centre said.

It has been established that the bot farm was organized by a resident of Kamyanets-Podilskyy, a former police officer. He equipped the hardware and software system in his own apartment in one of the city's residential areas.

The specialized equipment allowed him to register hundreds of anonymous accounts every day. He received payment for "renting" fake accounts through Russian electronic payment systems.

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